Alternative to software such as Sam FM from Planon

It is always difficult to get software that gives 100% satisfaction for facility management and the follow-up of customer re

Alternative to software such as Sam FM from Planon

It is always difficult to get software that gives 100% satisfaction for facility management and the follow-up of customer requests.

Software such as Planon offers a wide range of functionality that sometimes becomes a disadvantage as it is too complicated for the average person. The software can be very good for technicians but at the same time not meet the specific expectations of your company. Sometimes, too much complexity becomes a weak point that other solutions can fill.

Therefore, to provide you with the best price/quality and software service, we will present to you an alternative to Planon's Sam FM (or CMMSs that you think are overkill) by comparing their different features.

Implementation time

Complicated CMMS software takes people 2-3 days to be trained to use it. This has a cost and prevents technicians from being available to carry out interventions.

This level of deployment time is now obsolete and many solutions have much simpler and faster operation modes.

An app such as Urbest has a much shorter deployment time and its simplicity of use means that it is very quick to get grip on (generally less than 30 minutes).

This saves valuable time as it allows you to facilitate the turnover of new employees. When there are onboarding and offboarding every 1-2 years, this becomes a necessity.


Solutions that are more than 20 years old often have usability that is no longer in line with today's mobile phone and application-based operations.

The design of these apps has not been modernised and users often abandon these aging solutions.

If the software is complicated, people turn away from it and go back to their email and SMS habits.It is therefore necessary to be as simple as an SMS or email while providing added value in terms of feedback, automatic reminders, and a history of what has happened.

An app such as Urbest, where everything is accessible in a maximum of 3 clicks, takes up the simplicity of SMS, which makes users loyal to the platform.


Many solutions do not adapt to the size of the company and the number of users in their pricing. SaaS collaborative solutions such as Urbest are perfect for small and medium-sized companies as they adapt to the size of the company and the volume of usage while having unlimited users.

The collaborative model

Today, companies that get people to collaborate are the winning model, such as Doctolib in the medical field, Figma for design, and Frame for making videos. Collaboration between employees/companies and service providers is the “sinews of war”.
An IT tool is essential to centralise the information and actions of employees and providers.

It must allow easy and quick communication between all parties involved.

Most of the old CMMS software does not allow this immediate and collaborative transmission of information.
The reactivity of a collaborative software package such as Urbest enables instant communication with the people of your choice. Availability on mobile phones improves your company's reactivity and response time.

Contact with the user

In many areas such as Coliving spaces or the public sector, companies need to be in permanent contact with users (tenants, employees, occupants...). Therefore, they need a simple and easily accessible tool that can centralize their requests.

For example, Software such as Sam FM cannot be used by tenants in a coliving scheme, unlike Urbest, which is available on a mobile application. It allows residents to make their requests directly to the maintenance team of their building and to follow the intervention in real-time.

Reporting capacity

Reporting is a way of monitoring activity and providing accountability for providers. Good software should allow a quick and easy generation of reports and operating data through the use of operators.

Urbest allows reports to be generated instantly and exported in excel or pdf format. These reports contain all the data per period and per request concerning the requests handled by the company's providers and employees.

In conclusion, there are several points to consider when choosing your next software.

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