Building workflows that help our users

At Urbest, we often see challenging situations where we have to understand and answer the crucial questions: Who? What? and Why?

What we have learned along the years is that users always look for easier and quicker ways to handle a situation. In return, this means that we are constantly seeing the challenge of having to improve our workflows in our platform. Some of you might ask what is that you are trying to solve then - it is quite simple - as is our mission - to simplify building management and do it for all parties involved in this process. But in order to achieve that we have to listen and work with our users as they are the ones who eventually get things done. Urbest is only helping them do it faster and better through the many workflows that keep things in motion.

Ultimately, once we understand that users have some problems doing X or Y we move to the final question of “Why” - which ironically is not a question but rather a collection of sequential “Why” questions that help us shape the problem that users face in a 3 dimensional view. Why does this user get stuck? Why does the user need this information? Why is this an issue? And we continue to ask this repetitive question until we really have shaped the problem and understood the user and how we can solve it.

After all of this is done, making the right decision is easy.