Creating confidence in collaboration, data quality and value with smarter task management.

Creating confidence in collaboration, data quality and value with smarter task management.

The Covid crisis has driven many organisations towards a more remote and dispersed way of working.  Whilst this helps to mitigate the spread of the virus a new set of risks are introduced when employees are working on their own, these include:

_ loss of effective collaboration with peers, management chain and customers
_ potential for information and records to be dispersed and / or lost
_ reduction in morale and customer satisfaction

What if, instead the crisis was an opportunity to improve all of these things whilst managing staff and supply chain partners better than ever?  This is what is offered by the innovative task management solution ‘Urbest’ which is receiving user scores of 4.8/5 on review site Capterra.

So, let’s look at each of the three sets of risks and see how Urbest can turn them into your competitive advantages.

Risk: Loss of Effective Collaboration:

Urbest provides a dashboard view (example below) showing the status of each task to be completed, based on an easy to follow left to right task lifecycle, which instantly shows where each task is, so that any delays in completion can quickly be identified and addressed.

The ‘task portrait’ function enables the key people involved in delivering a task to collaboratively break-down any issues or barriers, to ensure it gets delivered board instantly at all times.
Urbest is used across organisational boundaries. For example, the contractor who services the heating plant can be assigned a task directly by automated email or from the mobile app. Progress can be monitored on the dashboard instantly at all times.

Risk: Data quality (e.g. records dispersed or lost)

Previously ‘off-system’ tasks that were not tracked before e.g. condition assessments, rent reviews and contract decision dates can all be brought onto the system and monitored, with alerts at the relevant time, with Urbest securely storing all data in the Cloud.
Compliance of remotely completed tasks can be evidenced e.g. legionalla testing.
Asset management is supported as previous job details are available to guide what needs to be done and what was done in the past.

Risk: Stakeholder morale and satisfaction

Customer satisfaction scores from jobs completed using Urbest show, very high levels of satisfaction from completed jobs – currently running at 4.9/5.
Jobs completed using Urbest tend to be finished quicker than under previous management approaches – on average between 30% and 50% faster.
Team members feel more connected when using Urbest and feedback from users of the app suggests that people like the ease of use and friendly collaboration that it nurtures.

If these features sound as though they would add value in your organisation, please contact us for a free trial.

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Want to know more about Urbest? Check the case of the Region Normandie, a local goverment that after 2 years easily manages its services and optimises operations.