How to become more organised

How to become more organised

How to be more organised at work?

Work organisation refers to the way workers cooperate within a productive organisation.Good organisation will give you the basis to increase your productivity, your efficiency and ultimately the results of the company.

This article details 5 behaviours to be more efficient:

  • Create a work routine,
  • Define your priorities,
  • Planning your working time,
  • Staying focused,
  • Making lists or managing tasks,
  • Accepting and anticipating the unexpected.

1 - Create a work routine

In order to be more organised, the first step in your work organisation plan is to create a work routine to follow.Depending on your type of activity, there are several choices available to you, but if possible, we advise you to place time-consuming and redundant tasks in the morning or when you are relaxed.

This will allow you to deal with them quicker without being disturbed by the many emails and calls in the middle of the day.

For example, you should avoid scheduling tasks or meetings that require a lot of concentration after lunch or at the end of the day. By setting up this type of routine, you will be more efficient in the long term and move on to the next step.

2 - Define your priorities

Defining your priorities will help you organise your work: even if all the tasks you have to do seem important, you will need to prioritise them.

Prioritising your work day will allow you to be more efficient and more focused on your tasks for the day.
In order to notice a positive change in your way of working, i recommend you should deal with a task one after the other.

Don't forget pareto's law, 20% of your actions will bring 80% of your results.It would be interesting to prioritise these high value-added actions over the 80% of tasks with less value.

3 - Plan your working time

In order to be as efficient as possible, you will need to plan your actions.

To do this, you will need a calendar, preferably a digital one for greater flexibility.The Urbest calendar will allow you to plan your tasks and assign them a duration.

You will also find these actions in your Dashboard in order to follow their progress.For better planning and for tasks requiring several weeks of work, you can schedule and create several stages in the calendar.

4 - Stay focused

Avoid all distractions while you are doing your work, phones or other non-essential tools should be kept away from you or in “do not disturb mode”.Deal with one task at a time, spreading yourself too thin will damage your organisation, focusing on one task will allow you to complete it quicker before moving on to another.

5 - Make lists or task management

To make sure you don't forget anything and don't miss out on little things that could be disruptive later on, it would be useful to create checklists.

These checklists can be attached to a particular task or be part of your personal organisation.Urbest checklists also allow you to create tasks directly from your lists.The mobile availability of such a tool will also make it easier for you to follow up your actions.

6 - Accept and plan for the unexpected

The unexpected is not necessarily the enemy of organisation and productivity if you set aside some time for surprise tasks.

Did you get to the end of the article? Congratulations!

Click on this link to get your free task management tool. If you can't find the right tool for your needs in the long run, you can move on to the next step.