How to Get the Most Out of Your Building Management Software

How to Get the Most Out of Your Building Management Software

Many people in various parts of the building and property management community use some type of management software. But not everyone is maximizing the potential of these powerful tools.

Most folks start with the best of intentions but then get bogged down because their chosen platform isn’t as user-friendly as they expected. Or others have learned to use one feature of the software but have failed to launch its full potential. And there are even some that remain skeptical about the whole idea of streamlining most of their workflow and communications between owners, managers, service providers, and tenants.

Whatever your role is in the process, building management software or computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can save hours of reports and phone calls, streamline your communication and workflow, and significantly increase your productivity - saving you time and money.

Leveraging the power of these tools may just turn your ‘To-Do List’ into a ‘Done List.’

What is Building Management Software or CMMS?

Simply put it provides a way to see all of a property’s maintenance operations in a single database. The best ones allow you to see this from a mobile device and provide the opportunity to communicate with users, service providers, owners, and managers.

Of course, they also allow you to control the level of access available to each of these roles. No need for the tenant to contact the owner about a leaky pipe, that’s why there is a manager to begin with. Ideally, the owner doesn’t even have to get involved in a leaky pipe and that’s precisely where a management software steps in. The information is available if necessary for the owner without dragging unnecessary attention and consuming time.

In such a scenario, the tenant contacts the property manager through the app. The manager is notified immediately and then notifies the service provider, a plumber in this case.

The service provider receives an immediate notification by the channel of his choice email or app. He can respond with a time of arrival and potential costs if known at that time. The manager can then inform the tenant of the service call and, depending on accessibility, put them in direct contact through the app.

And the best part is that all parties have a minimum amount of time invested in negotiating and solving the problem.

Does it really help?

Have you ever been to a yard sale and saw some odd-looking yard tool or piece of machinery? You know that it was designed for something but you have no idea what, so you ask. Then the moment someone explains what it’s for your dumbfounded because it is the exact tool for that exact job. Nothing else would work.

When you maximize the features of a CMMS, you’ll have the right tools and ease all your effort.

Consider these Urbest tools and their usability…

  • A dashboard for monitoring interventions provides real-time monitoring of building activity and building needs.
  • Sharing information between various actors improves responsiveness.
  • Generating batch reports saves time from performing repetitive tasks.
  • Statistics on reactivity and customer satisfaction allow you to easily evaluate all parties involved.

But is it really that easy?

Yes, it really can be that easy. Just take a look at this simple video showing how to invite a member.

And then look at this one assigning and managing an issue in less than five seconds.

That really is the kind of efficiency you should be getting from any building management system. But there is still more to tell about how this type of application can positively impact your experience with building management, no matter whether you are the service provider, tenant, owner, or manager.

There is so much more!

Consider this list of all the things a great CMMS can do…

Property managers using a CMMS agree!

It’s not just an idea. Look what these real users have said about using a CMMS.

Jean-Luc, director of operations at Engie, says it is a tool he uses every day and it saves him time and resources managing his team.

And the head of innovation at Région Normandie, Benoit says, report issues and include a picture of the problem. More issues are being reported right away and the response by the maintenance teams has been quicker.

Improve the Image and Performance of your Building

A building is much more than just a physical space. It’s a place where people spend a large amount of time, with inherent processes and activities to manage.

A substantial part of the attractiveness of a given building is the ease and clarity in which these processes and functionalities are carried out. A good CMMS helps increase your property’s attractiveness with -

  • A digital record of improvements made to your building
  • Clear and professional - looking invoices
  • Ease and variety in payment methods
  • Quick access to maintenance solutions
  • Quick and easy work requests
  • An adjustment of services to wishes that user express

With the clear and easy-to-use communication modules, your tenants (current or prospective) will get visual and practical proof of your care and attention. Not only will they be able to see how much you and your team are implicated in the betterment of your service, but they will also be able to participate, as well.

Improve Relations with your Service providers

A good relationship with your service providers will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction.

Service providers across the board place a high value on clear and timely communication. They often cite unreasonable deadlines and poorly defined instructions or expectations as their main cause of frustration and unsatisfactory performance.

By granting your service providers direct access to customer requests and/or complaints you will greatly reduce, if not eliminate:

  • Miscommunication caused by reported speech
  • Hectic or unreasonable deadlines due to delays in the transmission of information

By granting your property manager direct access to these same requests and/or complaints you will be able to monitor, in real-time, the progress of the activities, thus allowing timely support or intervention to ensure both customer satisfaction and good relations with your service providers.

Communication is key. And property management software allows all concerned parties to share and have access to the relevant information about your building and its activity, all in real-time.

But is it worth it?

If you like the sound of these efficient tools invest the time to set it up properly and completely.

It will take some time to get everything in place, but the time spent will come back many times over. And while it may require some invested time upfront most tasks can be accomplished in just a few steps.

The overall process really can be quick and easy. Here we demonstrate adding a new member in just four steps!

Quick and easy set-up

Anything new can make us apprehensive. But this really can be done in just a few steps and from virtually any device.

  1. Log in to Urbest manager account
  2. Invite the necessary members to take part
  3. Define the role and access level of the new user
  4. Select the categories the new user will have access to

It’s as simple as that.

The new user will receive an invitation by email to join your organization.

Now, all parties concerned will have real-time access to on-going projects, as well as to requests and complaints. They will be able to update the status of a particular project or property, make a bid, or input any other type of relevant information.

A good CMMS should be easy for everyone to use and increase productivity across the board. Urbest is built in the spirit of simplicity, efficiency, and a desire for productivity.

Click here to arrange for a free demonstration of Urbest and get more tips on how to use it. No commitment necessary.