Did you say CAFM ?

Did you say CAFM

Clint Adair

Most large estate providers use a CAFM system for their planned maintenance. Workflows are well oiled, quality of interface is not that great but the job gets done at the end of the day.

At Urbest, we designed our platform for our users, would it be you as an employee in your office or in the field every day solving technical problems. What matters for us is that people spend less and less time on tedious tasks - which is why we created an easy to use interface.

This agile approach, with care in mind - is a characteristic of start-ups which will bring it’s brick of value to the global chain of problem-solving by improving the user experience. Our platform is designed with the latest technology and offers the ability to communicate with external systems such as CAFM.

Providing a great UX without disturbing the operations is now possible via Urbest. Our suite of features can come as a one stop shop depending on the level of involvement in a CAFM system.

As a start-up, it is very hard to reinvent a whole new ecosystem.This is why we deliver bricks of services to work alongside legacy tools and make sure operational activities improve day after day.

Thanks and best,
Urbest Team