Why we love building management software

Building management often involves multiple people with different tasks to perform. In practice, it’s like a mini-city with a LOT of different personalities to add to the mix. You need it to run that mini-city effectively to make sure everyone stays happy and has what they need..and more importantly, so things actually get done. That’s the hope, anyway.

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So what is building maintenance software? And what does it do exactly? A building maintenance program is a computer-based system used by companies (both large and small) that helps effectively streamline a building’s mechanical and electrical maintenance such as lighting, all types of ventilation, any and all power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

When it comes to collecting the needs of a company and then effectively managing it all, structuring data is the key to ensure the effective tracking and completion of jobs. A central place where everyone can see what needs to be done. That’s why we love building simple processes to get these tasks done. It makes everyone’s lives easier…and that’s always the goal.

“Work smarter, not harder.” Said by a really smart person.

With better building management software, you can easily include people in the loop about what is going on in your building or buildings. You can also effectively create your own rules reflecting the way you work with your colleagues. Building maintenance software enables managers to carve out free time by removing tedious admin tasks such as creating reporting, filling forms or preparing multiple invoices. No more hand-written maintenance slips that got lost in the shuffle! Can I get an amen!? And then…maybe you can take a vacation with all that free time on your hands.

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Recently, we’ve seen similar programs pop up in our personal lives, to help us manage our family activities, grocery shopping, schedules, etc. It’s now time to have an effective process in a work environment for building maintenance. One shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering to understand how software works. People don’t want another tutorial that they often don’t understand (and often get frustrated by). Plus, if we’re on YouTube, the chances of us subconsciously switching over to a music video is a 99.9% probability. We see you!

Urbest follows a philosophy of simplicity in order to maximize the ease of use and to also remove the pain created by legacy software. We don’t want to complicate your life, we want to remove stress and miscommunications. This works by allowing facility managers and employees to access a common platform where they can report any maintenance related tasks and then can be assigned to the appropriate person to fix that problem. This puts all of the information in ONE central cloud that allows you to access the reports at any time to see progress.

Basically, it keeps you from losing your s#*% because you can’t remember what needed to be fixed, when and by whom!

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Most building maintenance software will be effective at a certain time during your business process. The key is to make sure that this process remains simple while evolving to meet your unique needs. If you fail to simplify a product constantly, it gets rigid and at some point obsolete. Once obsolete, there may be a couple of years of inertia but at the end, users will look for up to date solutions. Today, new choices are made towards ease of use or how user-friendly the software interface is.

Urbest has been used by many different companies occupying many different types of facilities around the world. This program has been designed for managers of office buildings, real estate offices, schools, universities, along with corporate and governmental offices. In reality, if you have a building, you can use a building maintenance software.

In summary, you are well-equipped with building management software if:

You keep things simple and in one place. Your software enables you to interact easily with third party services. You team up with a partner that will evolve over time. It helps you stay organized and stress-free!

If you want to try out a better process or get some fresh air after using an outdated solution, you can get started for free with Urbest by booking your demo here.

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