Terms of Service


These Terms of Use (hereinafter "the general conditions" or "the TOS") are intended to define the terms of provision of the Urbest application developed by the company Urbest, hereinafter referred to as "the Services" and the conditions of use of the Service by the User.

This Urbest application is the property of Urbest, a registered trademark of Urbest.

To use Urbest, you acknowledge having read these Terms and comply with them.

The User declares that he / she is of legal age or holds a parental authorization and has the legal capacity to contract thus allowing him / her to access the Services of the Urbest application, hereinafter referred to as "the Application". n The Parties agree that their relationship will be governed exclusively by this GC, which is accessible through the Application.

Any use of the Services implies consultation and prior acceptance of these GC.

Accordingly, the User acknowledges that he is fully aware that his agreement regarding the contents of this GC does not require the handwritten signature of this document, insofar as he wishes to access the Services online. The navigation on the Application carries with full right express and unreserved acceptance of these Terms by the User.

These C.G.U. may be subject to change.

Therefore, it is understood that the C.G.U. applicable to any use of the Services are those in effect on the Application at the time of use.

The date of posting of these C.G.U. worth effective date.

Any use subsequent to the entry into force of new C.G.U, is therefore subject to these new C.G.U.

The User has the option to save or edit the present C.G.U, it being specified that both the backup and the edition of this document are his sole responsibility.

In case of non-compliance with the TOU, Urbest reserves the right to take any measure likely to preserve its interests and in particular to ensure its execution. Urbest may, for this purpose, assign the User of the Application in civil or criminal liability.

Any contrary condition not expressly accepted by Urbest is unenforceable. The fact that Urbest does not avail itself of one of the present clauses of the GCU does not correspond to a renunciation on its part to avail itself of it later


  • Application / Mobile Application: The application refers to the Urbest mobile application on Android or iOS, the www.urbest.io website and any interface using the Urbest source code.
  • Services: access to Urbest to create, track or modify a request for intervention, sending and consulting messages and attachments.
  • User: The User is anyone who uses the application or one of the services offered by Urbest.
  • Member: The term "Member" refers to a user identified on Urbest.
  • Account: account opened in a personal capacity after the registration of the User to whom the User accesses by using his identifiers.
  • Content: The term "User Content" refers to the data transmitted by the User in the different sections of the application. Users have the right to request the removal of their personal data. To request data removal, users should use the functionality within the application. Urbest will process these requests within up to 5 working days.
  • Anonymization of Issue Data: Urbest commits to the anonymization of data related to user-reported issues. This includes all PII data (email, phone, name, avatars). This anonymized data may be used for purposes such as statistical analysis, service improvement, etc., without revealing the identity of the users. The process of anonymization will adhere to internal security data privacy standards.

1. The service

Urbest is the communication tool of the collaborative economy.

Playful, ergonomic and free, thanks to Urbest you will become an actor of your building and heritage manager around you.

Urbest is a new network for everyone as a resident, employee or even citizen.

Urbest allows in particular:

  • the creation of social bonds
  • reporting incidents in your condominium or town
  • find important documents of your condo or your city
  • to be informed in real time of the work
  • to create digital archives of buildings

As part of the implementation of the Services, Urbest uses geolocation services.

2. Entire

The present C.G.U. express the full obligations of the Parties in terms of access to the Application and use of the Services.

The User declares to have read, to have understood and accepted in an express way and without reservation all the said documents, by their simple electronic acceptance on the Application.

3. Object and duration

The present C.G.U. are intended to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in connection with the use of the Services offered online by Urbest. The present C.G.U. come into force on the date of access to the Application and / or the Services. The present C.G.U. are concluded for the duration of the access to the Application and / or the Services.

4. Registration and use of services

The use of Urbest implies the following prerequisites:

  • have a smartphone model compatible with the Mobile Application and equipped with a wi-fi connection or 3G / 4G running iOS or Android compatible with Urbest
  • have an internet connection
  • hold a telephone subscription allowing access to the Internet to access the Mobile Application
  • have a valid e-mail address
  • to be of age

The user agrees to use the application for personal and non-commercial use.

By registering, the user declares that he / she is not subject to any measure relating to the holding of an Urbest account, to having only one account and not to give up the use of this account to third parties. third.

In any case, the company Urbest can not be held responsible in case of registration to the service by people who do not meet the prerequisites mentioned above. Urbest reserves the right to delete any account that does not meet these conditions.

The Services are offered to any User after registering online.

After registration, the User has access to his Account and the associated Service. The registration procedure of the User is done in several steps:

  • Creation of a "User" Account on Urbest;
  • Information of the different fields of the registration form on the Application;
  • Final validation of the User Account.

If necessary, the registration procedure of the User can also be done directly via his Facebook account.

Finally, Urbest reserves the right to use, for statistical purposes, the data transmitted by the User in order to improve the service. Where applicable, it is specified that the data used for statistical purposes will be anonymised beforehand.

5. Modification and termination of services

Urbest reserves the right to provide the Services, without notice or compensation, with all deletions, modifications and improvements of its choice related in particular to the technical evolution, and this without any guarantee of maintaining or not the substantial functionalities of the Services as well as their quality and non-alteration of the Services.

The User releases Urbest from any liability in this respect and waives all claims and / or proceedings against him as a result.

In addition, Urbest specifically reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily suspend access to the Services to perform maintenance operations related to the technological evolution or continuity of the Services.

Temporary interruptions of the service will, as far as possible, be notified via the Application before they intervene.

Urbest also reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to terminate the Services.

In case of partnership between Urbest and other companies, at the initiative of the user, the elements relating to his personal data may be sent to the partner.

6. Rules of good conduct

The use of Urbest is governed by rules of good conduct that Users undertake to respect under pain of having access to their account interrupted or purely deleted. This list is not exhaustive and Urbest reserves the right to complete this list at any time.

The User agrees that his access to the Application, his use of the Services and the provision of his Data are neither abusive nor unlawful.

As such, the User specifically agrees to:

  • use the Services and the Application in a lawful manner and respectful of public order and morality;
  • respect the intellectual property rights of Urbest and / or its partners;
  • respect the intellectual property rights of all third parties and / or any other User;
  • do not provide false data when registering;
  • not to act contrary to the commercial interests of Urbest;
  • not to divert the use initially planned and presented by Urbest for the Services;
  • not to use the Site, the Services or any data in violation of the rights to the privacy of others.

All information and contributions provided by Users and made public can not be verified by Urbest. A reporting feature is provided to allow any User to notify Urbest of content that does not comply with the rules set out in these Terms.

In the event of a claim relating to a contribution, the User undertakes to alert Urbest to the following address: hugo@urbest.io.

7. Suspension of access to services at the urbest initiative

Urbest reserves the right to suspend the access of a User to the Services and his Account, without notice or compensation, in particular in case of non-compliance by the User of these C.G.U.

8. Responsibilities

a) Urbest / Urbest

It is recalled that the Urbest Application is intended to be a tool and a communication link. Urbest is therefore only a host and is not intended to replace the managers concerned (donors, trustees, cities, etc.) in their respective obligations or missions.

The Urbest Application includes information made available by external individuals and / or legal entities or hypertext links to other Internet sites or blogs that have not been developed by Urbest. The content made available is provided for information purposes. It is the User's responsibility to use this information wisely and critically. Urbest can not be held liable for information, opinions and recommendations made by third parties.

The use of the Application is at the sole risk of the User. Although Urbest strives to ensure the accuracy of the information disseminated, Urbest can not guarantee the accuracy, veracity or completeness of the information posted on the platform and / or the comments that this information may generate. . Therefore, Urbest excludes any liability for any harm caused directly and / or indirectly, in any way, by the use of the Services. In particular, Urbest will not be responsible for any damage caused by:

  • facts and actions of third parties;
  • the impossibility of using the Services;
  • the irregular use of the Services by a third party. Urbest provides Users with information and tools available and verified, but it can not be held responsible for errors or unavailability of certain information. We thank the Users of the Application to inform us of any omissions, errors or corrections, by sending an email to hugo@urbest.io.

b) User

The User acknowledges that he is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his contact details provided during the creation of his Account. He acknowledges being solely responsible for activities related to his Account by anyone using his contact details with or without authorization.

In case of hacking an Account, following a theft, an unauthorized disclosure of his / her contact details, the User must as far as possible, modify as soon as possible his / her access and contact hugo@urbest.io.

9. CNIL declaration

Urbest has been the subject of a simplified declaration to the CNIL under the number 2152169. The Urbest company is the recipient of the data. In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 modified, you have the right to access, rectify and delete information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting hugo@urbest.io. (CNIL - www.cnil.fr).

By agreeing with these Terms of Service you also agree with our Privacy Policy.

10. Intellectual property

The general structure of the Application, the Services and all the elements composing them (such as in particular form, logos, domain names, photographs, images, texts) are the exclusive property of Urbest and / or its partners. These elements are protected by intellectual property and other laws, including copyright. Any person and in particular the User can use these elements only in the context of the use of the Services, in accordance with the provisions of the C.G.U. Any total or partial reproduction of the Application, the Services, and / or the elements composing them (as described above) by any means whatsoever without the express authorization of Urbest is therefore prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L. 335-2 and following of the Code of the intellectual property.

11. Nullity of a clause

In the event that one of the provisions of these GC. would be declared invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions will remain applicable without change.

12. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these terms of use is subject to French law.

In the absence of amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought before the Commercial Court of Caen.