Job tracking platform for a High School

At High School Pierre Simon de Laplace 1,200 students and 400 teachers or administrative staff are visiting the high school daily.

Facilities include classrooms, Atrium, gym, workshops, offices and boarding school residences.

Initial situation

For the maintenance manager

Insufficient information without knowing where and when the interventions were carried out. Interventions without history.

For high school students, teachers and administrative staff

Issues transmitted by email or orally without being able to know how the issues are progressing.

For stewardship

A lack of visibility on the service needs of the school, the sizing of the work or operating budgets.

Why Urbest?

To structure the workload and know what needs to be done

Time-saving notifications for users and the maintenance team

Real-time automated reports

Results after 4 months

Increased responsiveness for maintenance teams

A cruising speed of 6 to 8 issues resolved per day

Time savings of at least one hour per day for technicians

Improved working conditions

What customers say about us

Baptiste M.Site managerI can show that our team is reactive. We have a perfect grasp of the maintenance of the school and what is going on there.
David G.StewardUrbest was deployed gradually starting with the maintenance team, then construction and then to the canteen to cover all of the services. Soon we will be able to open it to external service providers.

Simplify the maintenance and operation of your institution

Hugo Gervais
CEO and co-founder
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