Job tracking platform for a local government

Urbest allows you to plan and organize the maintenance and services of all the administrative buildings of all the local authority.
of satisfaction reported across all users
User adoption
Improved responsiveness
16000+ issues
Real-time data that can be used to better plan jobs

How it is used


Issue creation

An agent reports a problem and creates an issue in Urbest. Questions are handled through live messaging. Interventions can be scheduled.


The manager decides on the follow-up and controls the operations, validates the quotes if necessary.


The technician receives the requests to be processed and updates the progress.

Overview of the project

Analysis of the operations in a high school

Technical issues are raised by teachers via notebooks
Response times are not monitored since there is no data
There is no procedure to ensure that requests are properly processed
Difficulty in overall monitoring of building maintenance activity
Overall, despite the commitment of the technical teams and the willingness of the manager, the level of satisfaction of the school's users (teachers, staff, students) is mixed.
The reason: the absence of a system that would allow for easy monitoring of requests, piloting of interventions and optimisation of resources - all of which are at the very core of Urbest.
The Region performed the first test of the Urbest platform in an office environment, in order to evaluate the functionalities and ergonomics of the platform.

After 24 months of usage

Deployment stages


Offices of Rouen may – nov 2018
The test was a success and lead to the deployment in autonomy by the Region on new sites in Caen (Abbaye, Offices, garages, several appartments).


Offices in Caen - 2019
The entire offices of the Region are equipped with Urbest (36,000m²). Integration with the GLPI system for IT.


Additional Services - 2020-2021
Positive feedback and analysis validated the reactivity and time saved with Urbest. With an easy adoption by users, the Region is in the best condition to extend Urbest to further services.

What's coming next

Scheduled issues
Schedule regular jobs and track completion
Flexible categories
Create and manage your own categories across your organisation
Time spent
Track the time spent of your service providers
Custom lists of items to check
Raise, manage and pay invoices directly in Urbest

What customers say

Benoît le RétifHead of Innovation Region NormandieAgents can easily report a technical issue (bad bulb, water leak, ...) illustrated with a picture if needed. Thanks to Urbest they report issues right away thus interventions from internal maintenance teams are faster.
SébastienSite ManagerI never closed a job as fast as with Urbest. Our team members were capable to grasp the platform at first use.

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