Job tracking platform for Facility Management

Find out how CBRE and Engie were able to improve their reactivity and service to occupants with Urbest’s collaborative platform.

Office building of 16 000 sq meters managed by CBRE, Engie for multi-technical services and Urbest for the collection, management and tracking of job requests.

Initial situation

For Managers

Incomplete information to know where and when problems occur given most jobs are done without leaving a trace (oral or phone call requests).

For Service Providers

Workload coming from everywhere without structure (SMS, email, phone). Waste of time to search for information.

For Office Managers

Lack of visibility of the workload of teams and difficulty in knowing when actions are done or will be done.

Why Urbest?

Because the tenants did not use the unfriendly fault reporting system
To bring digital communication to users and workers
To share information in real time and save time thanks to notifications for users and workers
To make clear and easy to get annual or quarterly reports thanks to real-time automated reports


With digital communication via our web and mobile apps
With notifications for users and workers to save time
Real-time automated reports


Relevant statistics thanks to precise and centralised requests
To bring digital communication to users and workers
1h per day saved for workers thanks to enhanced mobility, clarity on the tasks to do, easy to use notifications and automated reporting.
Tenant satisfaction increased and assessed via a 5 star rating

What customers say about us

Ydrissa T.Hard Services EngineerI save 1 hour per day on communication, less people chasing me for progression of jobs and I have automated reporting.
Arnaud G.Property ManagerI see in real time the satisfaction of tenants and the reactivity of my service providers
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