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Here, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about our product. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

How easy is it to use and learn Urbest software?

Urbest is designed to be easy to learn and understand for all users thanks to familiar visuals like discussion chat, icons and logic display of tasks like Kanban view. All it takes is an email to get started. A professional user can get to grips with the application in less than 30 minutes. Someone making a request can get started with Urbest in 2 minutes.

Does this software have mobile and desktop versions?

Yes, Urbest application is available on the Google Play store and App Store, as well as in a web version from urbest.io.

Can the software integrate with our existing systems?

Urbest integrates with third-party systems to retrieve tasks or share information. For example: a user portal, ERP, iot platform, BIM or real estate platform.

Does the software support real-time collaboration?

Urbest is based on several collaborative aspects: shared access to what's happening on a category and/or building, group discussion, and task-sharing functionality.  Instant notifications from the mobile application enable users to collaborate in real-time. A message sent in the discussion is instantly visible from colleagues or workers involved in the job to do. Urbest lets you share data, engage in conversation with customers or users, and share files, quotes, and photos.

What kind of user support and training does the vendor provide?

The Urbest team trains the user company's employees as soon as the solution is implemented. Assume 1 hour to set-up your organization according to your habits and specificity and 1 hour to get your employees up to speed with a mock-up session. Technical documentation and video tutorials are also available at any time. The Urbest team is also available 7 days a week.

Can the software handle the scale of our operations?

Users can add new sites and users by themselves. That means that month after month, when operations grow in terms of geography, number of people or services delivered, one can add more volume of tasks in 1 minute without mastering any code. In practice, one third of Urbest users are high growth companies or start-ups who begin with a few sites and expand rapidly. The question of process and workflow is answered well on the first time with Urbest and people don’t have to think about it every quarter.

How customizable is the software to meet our specific needs?

A growing organization can add new services, new users and new sites on its own. Urbest provides some templates of tasks/checks based on your industry which can then be customized. In addition, workflows are simple and souple to allow many kinds or organisational structure: from a top-down approach with a supervisor validating/dispatching everything to the most flat team where people have similar rights to view and pick-up work as it comes.

Does the software have features for tracking and managing tasks?

Of course 🙂 this is the core spirit of Urbest to enable workloads to be captured, organized, tracked and put into action between users, managers and workers. Managers gain efficiency through rapid visibility of what needs to be done via the dashboard. Access to information is fast, with the option of filtering. Processing by categorization, location, comments and photos enables greater efficiency by giving maximum context to the person providing the service. Finally, a reminder system and automated notifications ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Does the software offer any analytics or reporting features?

Urbest offers configurable indicators for tracking service response times, completion times and collecting user satisfaction. Indicators can be filtered by period, category, building, manager, status and type of request. What's more, a summary email is sent every week to remind users of actions to be taken regarding upcoming tasks, deadlines, approvals to be followed up, and the evolution of the number of requests over the week. From the trends tracked, managers can see whether the workload is well contained or whether, on the contrary, there is a build-up that merits specific action. For the most advanced users, it is possible to leverage Urbest’s APIs to produce customized views of analytics mixing data from multiple sources.

How does the software facilitate communication between team members?

When a job is created, Urbest asks to locate, put a category and at least a few words to describe what needs to be done. In addition, users can add photos to bring even more context. A photo is worth a thousand words. This is a first step to facilitate communication. Secondly, each job benefits from a dedicated conversation chat which allows fast interaction in a friendly way (versus email). Third, users get notified about actions that impact them: a completed job, a new uploaded document, an approval to give… Having all information in one place avoids the pain of digging for information everywhere. And finally, the collaborative approach based on shared access to data is a game changer to get rid of questions like “can I have a pdf report ? Could I get an excel extraction?”. Now, the right person gets access to the data they need and view/work on it when they want.

Can the software manage preventative maintenance tasks?

Yes, planned tasks can be used to create preventive maintenance schedules, as well as periodic compliance checks. Planned tasks can be created via Excel import, or added manually as you go along.

What is the total cost of ownership of the software?

Urbest cost on average 1/1000th of the building annual rent or about 1% of the total salaries of workers using it.  In addition to that, you need to account for training which represents 500€ per group of 10 people at deployment. If you start from behind, you might need to purchase a smartphone. We suggest buying quality phones to avoid bugs of hardware and invest 200€ on a reconditioned smartphone. As a result of these costs, you can expect net savings/gain of 10% to 15% of your labor cost thanks to higher productivity: more jobs done in the same amount of time.

Are there any additional costs associated with the software, such as for setup, maintenance, or upgrades?

Maintenance costs are free and included in the subscription. Setup, training and launch costs are around €500 for a pro user group of 5-10 people. Annual subscription costs depend on the size of the space, and generally represent 1 per 1000 of rental costs.

Can the software handle asset management and inventory control?

Yes, Urbest offer a generic features for asset management which can be used for equipments or also inventories like a fridge, computer… All events related to assets get tracked and easily found when needed?

Does the software have a feature for documenting and storing maintenance history?

The history of all operations carried out within your organization is stored in Urbest in jobs performed. The search engine allows to find in seconds very specific maintenance actions related to a person, an item, an area...

Can the software generate and assign work orders automatically?

Yes, Urbest access is based on categories for which you give (or not) access to workers and colleagues. For example, someone specialized in electrical jobs will have access to the electrical category and see straight away any new jobs arriving from end users. Alternatively, if there is a need for qualifying tasks and filter what needs to be done, there can be a dispatcher to assign jobs and put deadlines.

Does the software allow for feedback and ratings for completed tasks?

Yes Urbest allows customers to rate a job done after completion. Dissatisfaction of 1 or 2 ⭐ get notified to the service manager.

How often is the software updated and how disruptive are these updates to operations?

Urbest is hosted in the cloud with mini daily updates that users don’t even notice. The beauty of this Saas mode is to avoid interruption of service linked to maintenance. That means with a software like Urbest, you are safe regarding disruptions of operations.